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Earthenware Slip Reclaiming

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Hi there...

I'm pouring molds and using earthenware slip. can i reclaim the trimmings by letting them dry out adding water. then using it as clay for example press molding and applying to a thrown pot, with magic water. or could i just knock it back up into a pouring slip and add diffloculant  wrong spelling I know . hope you know what I'm talking about,cos I'm not sure if I do,I've also got a earthenware clay and the slip can I throw the dry trimming in together and make a clay, for press molding lol any help would be appreciated...

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Yes, you can reuse the trimmings as plastic clay for other projects and you can add up to 25% of it back into another slip batch as long as you have not scraped any plaster from your moulds into the trimmings as they will explode in the firing and pop out pieces from the clay surface.





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