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blanket creek

Anyone Using Goldart In A Casting Body?

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I have been researching this subject and have not found much online about it. I have found some recipes that include goldart but have not found much in the way of particular advantages/disadvantages...and when I called rescoe tech support they did not seem to know anything about the subject.

I would be interested to hear of anyone's experience both in deflocculating and casting with this clay as part of a casting body (I would need to use about 25%).

is sodium silicate enough or does it require darvan 7 or some other material to deflocculate?


thanks in advance!


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A fellow potter has noticed that some goldart has some organics(coal) in it that causes pitting in some glazes.

I recently posted about pitting in a float blue glaze. I later tracked it down to the clay body having organics that were still out gassing.

My test was to glaze 3 different clay bodied with the same glaze and the offending body did and the other did not pit.

Just my experience


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