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Top 3 Sales Channels

Which channels have you used to sell your work?  

6 members have voted

  1. 2. Which of these has been most successful

    • Word of month (family, friends, etc)
    • Craft shows
    • Galley or studio space
    • Websites
    • Wholesale
  2. 3. How many pieces do you sell in a typical month

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I'm writing a paper about craft artisan marketing and would like to initiate a discussion about various channels used to sell pottery. I've sold a few pieces in shared studio space and on Etsy. As a relatively new potter, the price point and timing drove my sales (less than $20 during the Christmas holidays). Please weigh in with the reason you have had more success selling your pieces in one channel than another.

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You might want to add wholesale because a number of the members sell wholesale through 3rd party shops such as art galleries, gift shops and handmade specialty shops (I am assuming since you combined gallery and studio you mean the artist owned studio with a front gallery attached).  I would also note that many would sell hundreds pieces a month so the 10+ is going to not mean much.

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Agree with Stephen and Mark. The third line should read "showroom in your own studio" and a new line should be added "wholesale or consignment through galleries."



Also agree that the volume per month needs to be adjusted. It should be more like:


0-10 (for someone starting out, or selling for recreational reasons only)

10-50 (for someone actively involved in low-volume venues, such as Etsy. Or occasionally involved in high-volume venues, such as art festivals or wholesale)

50-100 (for someone actively involved in high-volume venues)

100+ (actively involved in high-volume venues, and operating at a very high level)

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