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How Do You Make Bull Nose Tiles

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I have done bullnose years back, by rolling out a slab the same as the tiles I am using, then carving a credit card to the shape I wanted and scraping the new tiles until rounded. Do it when cheese to almost leather hard. We have also done edging tiles with an extruder die as Ben says.

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I agree with Pres'method of pulling a die on the edge of the slab. I have seen several tile makers use this method. I think extruding would also work but be careful in drying to avoid warping for both methods.


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OK you just mean a round over-like this edge on my tile in photo.

I had a friend who made custom tile in the 80's and he had all the stuff-table cutter -tile extruders-whatever-I just used his stuff with my clay and took it home and dried it and glazed it-I threw the sink and I used to sell custom ones as well . No more of that stuff.

Just use the card like Pres said to cut it down then just sponge it smooth-these tiles are all near 4x4 inch cone 10 stoneware.

The glaze is a old time fav that I used for 20 years but gave up as I'm not working with stoneware anymore except for salt ware.

I think it came from Alfred and I altered it in glaze calc class in school. 

The original is Tin Ox-8 with no zircopax- my recipe is below

I changed it to lower cost to school when I was the glaze tec in 1974

This also requires a reduction atmosphere to look great.

This job on one of our bathrooms is sanded grout and done with a wet diamond saw. The sink round  tiles where made custom round for the sink in two sets-Made to fit this layout from wet greenware.I still have a fired spare set in case I break one.Always best to

plan ahead.


Wamo Mamo II


potash spar-(custar)-49

China Clay (EPK)-----21



Tin Oxide--------------4


Total -----------------101


Application thickness is KEY-thin it breaks brown thick its white-looks best on an Iron spot body like these tiles of mine.

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