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Commercial Bisque Quality, And Looking For Canadian Comercial Producer.

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Recently got 5 different round plate and platter cases of bisque. (cheaper to buy a case than have one opened and single piece reshipped)  I found that over a third of them where warped. If you laid them face down they would wobble with up to 1/4 inch gap visible between form and surface it was placed on.  I know the different retail and wholesalers have no control over the quality the manufacturer produces. The cases where reshipped unopened once they arrived in US from China.  I personally do not expect much from China other than low price.  One would expect the large company that contracted to have the ware produced would do some quality control checks. But then I do not know what their standards  are. Middle man company has offered to replace the poor quality items with much regret an no ability to control. I have sent original manufacturing contractor a letter of concern also.

I would hate to be a paint your own retail shop and have to put up with that quality of supplied bisque.

Maybe I just got a bad batch!


 I got the different pieces of ware in search of a specific platter. I used to get it from a now closed local business 15yr ago. It was a round platter 14 inch diameter with an ink stamp on bottom "made in Canada".   I have searched the inter net and can not find any commercial bisque manufacturers in Canada, or anyone selling bisque made there.  Any one know of any? 


So I am looking into making a casting mold or making a jigger. 

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