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Best Online Clay Retailer

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#21 Mug


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Posted 14 March 2014 - 08:23 AM

I was simply trying to say we have clay suppiers making delivery's to our area. $80.00 shipping for a palet of clay is reasonable to me. In Kansas they may not have a pottery close, and it may cost more.


Living in this area I can say East liverpool is a hole in the wall, but they have a lovely pottery museum, and I feel it is worth a visit if your worldly travels ever bring you here. Traveling the world generally has a humbiling effect on most people. I am shocked ,and supprised that this upset you.


Historically referred to as the "Pottery Capital of the World" (I believe this is a misinterpritation, it should actually read  "Pottery Capital of the USA" I think we can agree that this would be Historically 100% accurate)


I would wager the Tea Pot in Chester West Virgina...is not in fact the worlds largest, but I will still continue to wear the t-shirt.

#22 JBaymore



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Posted 14 March 2014 - 10:46 AM

It didn't upset me... I was originally poking light fun at the absurdity of the kinda' pretentious title. But Amy headed off into more "serious" territory.... and educationally..... I had to respond.

Yeah... "Pottery Capital of the USA" might be more appropriate.... but Trenton, New Jersey might want to give that one a run for its money too. But that is a FAR closer "tie" if it is a tie.

(My personal family history is in the Mercer and Cook potteries in the Trenton area back into the mid 1800's. I'm from New Jersey. -please... no "what exit" jokes ;))

 World travel certainly does change your perspective on your own 'view of how life is and the world works'.



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#23 Amy Waller

Amy Waller

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 03:56 PM

Seeing that Mug is from northeastern Ohio made it pretty easy to guess which "pottery capital" (in quotes, as Mug put it) was being referred to. My point wasn't to argue the legitimacy of the self-proclaimed title but rather to acknowledge and show respect for the town's history, including the fact that the town called itself that and was known - including popularly, beyond pottery and ceramic circles - by that title.
John - to me your first comment came across as maybe a little funny. Your second comment a little less so. I might not have said anything if you hadn't posted your second comment.

Mug - I like what you said about traveling having a humbling effect. I've never been to East Liverpool but hope to make it there someday.

#24 CecRR



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Posted 20 March 2014 - 02:10 PM

   I searched high and low to find the place to buy online, and like you ran into super steep shipping rates. I finally called a somewhat local (50 miles away) to get a quote. She told me she charged $1 a pound (doesnt matter what clay), plus approx. $30 for shipping, also, you have to buy at least 50lbs. So I was looking at $80 to buy from her, plus an hour commute both directions to get it. Well, after asking her about what sort of mid-high fire clays she had, she told me she needed to call her distributor to find out. She called back and was over whelmed, so she gave me their website so I could see what they had (then told me I HAD to buy from her, could not buy from them).

   Moral of this story, I went to aardvarkclay.com to see what they had. Every clay listed had different prices, along with an "add to cart" option. I found a good stoneware for $9 per 25lb bag which was cheaper than I had seen anywhere else. They also offer flat rate shipping via usps. It cost me $15.38 to ship 50lbs of clay. I spent a total of $38.06 which saved me almost $50 along with a commute to pick it up.

#25 Stellaria


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Posted 23 March 2014 - 08:19 PM

A 2 hour drive would be nice! I'm 4-5 hours from the nearest place (Runyan pottery, and a Standard Clay distributor). I can sometimes get a friend from the nearby area to pick up an order for me if they're coming up here for something, but I would think the gas for a 2 hour drive to buy good clay would be better than paying freight. Plus you get out of the house.


What clays do they have on Amazon?

#26 High Bridge Pottery

High Bridge Pottery

    Joel Edmondson

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Posted 23 March 2014 - 09:11 PM

You guys and your big country  ;)


For me in little old England it doesn't make much difference who I order from. If I want a big enough order I go with http://www.ctmpotterssupplies.co.uk/ and just pay the delivery cost for the pallet which is £50 for anything up to 1000kg. I could probably drive down but it would cost me more in my time and money. That and I have no car.


Otherwise there is a local guy (when I say local I mean local, like 20 minute drive not these 2 hour jobs) to top up any missing clay or for small orders that I need.

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