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Adding Mason Stains To Terra Sig

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I know some of you were telling me the percentage of stain to terra sig you were using.... but I was wondering can I just add a particular mason stain (in dry form) to the wet white terra sig I have and stir it well?  Once added will the color I get be around the color it will be once fired on the pot?  Also,  will the higher percentage of stain I add to the terra sig cause the sheen of the pot to become duller?  

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I add mason stain to terra sig. I know how much 50 grams is in a plastic container from when I of my glaze color blends. I use that as a guesstimate for measuring the stain. The different colors require different percentages so you will have to test. I mix mine in a blender and spray onto dry surfaces.


If you are trying to keep the sheen, you should fire above 09 or max.08. So you may not get the rich depth of color the stains can provide with glaze or just at a higher temperature with a flux.



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