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Rebekah Krieger

Nceca Roll Call

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As you know It will be my first event.  I am a little worried about going with nobody and knowing nothing about the way this thing works, but excited nonetheless! It sounds like I will learn more than I can even absorb.  I just happen to be lucky that the first year I am taking my ceramics "seriously" there is an event in my own back yard.  


Who else is going? 

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Guest JBaymore



I'll be there.  Arriving Tuesday evening and leaving Sunday mid-day.


And stop by the Potters Council member's reception on Wednesday afternoon at 5 PM; a lot of the folks you see here will be there.


In the main convention hall for the conference, likely not too far from the place that the registration counters are set up, will be the vendors exhibit hall.  That is a good starting place to "meet people" and get your bearings.  (You can likely spend a whole day just in tthere!)  Inside that area the ACerS / Ceramic Arts Dalily group will have a large complex of booths that will include Ceramics Monthly Magazine, Pottery Making Illustrated, the Potters Council, and the Potters Council Annual Members Exhibition.  Stop by there and way "hi" to the folks that are there.  All of the Board members that are at NCECA, many of whom are active here, float in and out of that area frequently.


Get used to scanning nametags as you are walking around.  That way you can sometimes find people you know.  Those of us here on the CAD forums that use our real names will be easy to spot from the nametags.  Unfortunately people that use "handles" .......... we won't recognize the names on sight. (hint)


Many times you can get surprised when you see a nametag and find you are sitting on the bus or eating lunch next to your ceramic hero or the author of the latest and greatest new book or video.


Personally I will also sometimes be at the New Hampshire Institute of Art booth in the non-profit section of the vendor's exhibit hall.  Stop by and see if I am there.... of the other faculty or students that are staffing it know where I am.  (If you are looking for a BFA or a low res grad MA or MFA degree........ talk to us.)





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I will be there ... At the Potters Council reception, in the vendors area, at many presentations, on the bus tour to Kohler, in the hotel lobbies .... John is so right about looking at name tags ... Just amazing who you meet.

I did NCECA alone my first time in Charlotte ... I was so overwhelmed by all the choices too ... if you are pleasant and say Hi first, you will meet a lot of others at lose ends and make many friends for next year. Talk to the person next to you at presentations or wherever ... there are lots of people who are there alone.

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