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Porcelain E Course

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Hi again everyone, I've been advised to post my porcelain e-course here. I am still very new to the group, so I hope you do not see it as too forward.


My husband and I launched our first porcelain e-course on February 10th. We have students from the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe in one group together.


We created a full course with videos, photographs, written materials, discussions and online interaction. Students get assignments and I review that and give feedback.


The class is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.


There is still time and room for registration and the class will stay open for registered students until middle May. If anyone is interested to join us, you'll get the info here:




Questions are welcome



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I'd like to say a few words about the e-course. I'am one of Antoinette's students in her first e-course class. When I heard about the course, I wanted to join, but was thinking: "how can that work? We students are scattered all over the world. How shall we listen and work as if together in a room?" But I knew Antoinette already from LinkedIn and so I trusted her.

She and her husband Koos did a great job, I must admit! We get plenty of information about the origin of porcelain (did you all know porcelain is man made?) and about its characteristic. We get videos where we can see Antoinette working and telling us how to do things, just as if we were in the same room! We have the porcelain tea room on fb to meet and chat and discuss questions/answers. We get homework and can upload pictures of it, so that Antoinette can see our problems (or our success). She is teaching with heart, soul and passion! We all are very content with the course and I would recommend it to anybody still unsure.

Thank you, Antoinette, for making it possible!


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