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Britain's Most Famous Potter Flooded Out

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What a shame, I lost a kiln to floods but it was a blessing in disguise. Only wish I had raided it for all the spare parts but I was less knowledgeable back then.


I think the uneducated just see the words global warming and think sunny weather not more extreme weather. Amazing to see glacial evidence that some people still choose to ignore.

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As in this world, we have had ice ages, desertification, floods(ah Noah) and pole reversals that mankind has had no part in. I am one of the Luddites that hold to a different notions.

If I make a pot I, have the right to do with it whatever I want. I hold to a Master Potter belief, but each to his own.

If you think it's bad now, the Book I read Sez's you ain't seen nothing yet.

But that's just me :)


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