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Cracks In Bisqued Pieces

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I had a couple of pieces that, freakishly, dried just fine...evenly...even thickness...all around good slab pieces... cracked in the kiln! I fired at the correct temp and somehow this happened. I've read about magic mud...and I was under the impression that it could be used on bisque fired pieces. However, my instructor told me that it couldn't? I wanted to see what everyone thought?

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For future reference it might help if you could post a picture of the type of cracking you had. We could maybe help you with your next load.


As to repairing cracks, it usually is a better solution to redo the pots. Many times the repair will look good on the bisque, but later in the glaze show up even worse. After 30+ years of teaching, and having to try to fix some of the student problems with cracking, I have found it really isn't a viable solution for my own work. A student having limited experience, and working hard for that one hand built pot is a different story.

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