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Alberta/ Albany Slip

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I have used a few bags a year of alberta slip  (still have a few bags of albany left) over many years now

I have found that its about the same in some applications and not the same in others. It as Wyndam says may need flux as true abany fluxes at a cooler temps I think. In my black glaze which only has three ingredients (which I posted here last year Nep sye and cobalt ox and alberta) its a direct albany pound for pound deal

In other glazes more flux may be needed especially at cone 6. Albany alone melts very well at cone 8-9

I have not run tests on Alberta alone lately-maybe years ago but I have no recall of the results.


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Any favorite ( or marginally like able). Albany/alberta based glaze recipes?



In Daniel Rhodes book there is a section on slip glazes.

With some of the info above, one of these glaze people may be able to formulate it for you, or work around with the Frit suggested.


Cone 9-10

Albany SLip      60

Cornwall stone  25

Iron oxide            5

Whiting              10

Beautiful  dark iron red. in Reduct.

THIckly applied Tends green black






Albany slip   65

Neph Syn    35

Khaki in Ox, Iron red in Red.

Hope this helps


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I use this one at cone 6 all the time. I use it with no colorant layered with 2 or 3 other glazes but I have used the brown in the past.



NEPH SY   10%

G.B.   10%


RIO 4% for Brown


RIO  4%

Coblat Carb. 3% for black

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