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In Five Words Describe What Drew You To Clay | February 6, 2014

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Coming from Industrial design I liked being in control of the total process from concept to final real piece rather than a model.

The tactile qualities of the green states, then the firing process. I love the whole thing.

Oops..five words

Control of the entire process

maybe it should be "I love the whole thing"


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tactile, re-usable, exciting, practical, challenging


Tactile - I like working with fabrics, plants, soil, things I can touch


Re-usuable - few other crafts where you can spend days making something, then squish it all back to one lump and start again


Exciting - opening the kiln after a glaze firing is better than xmas


Practical - making something useful, functional, decorative


Challenging - if it wasn't challenging, I wouldn't enjoy it so much, or be a member here !

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malleability,immediacy,tactile, volume,permanence

Are you describing your personality type here TJR???? :D

Sorry to be so flippant, sitting here, doing a stint as a relief teaching , and dreaming of pottery. 

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