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Hobby Potter Teaching Others.

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Chilly    331

I have two thoughts on teaching that tend to enter conflict under some circumstances.


    1. You'll learn more about a process through teaching it than you will doing it. To clarify, the digestion of material to present it during the teaching process paired with trouble shooting will lead to a better understanding of the material.

So true.  I couldn't get the difference between aperture and shutter-speed settings, until I had to explain it to someone else.  Then it clicked.


Sooooo, now I need a student to teach flocc/deflocc to ..........

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williamt    13

I've been a hobby potter for about 15 years. Basically self taught, read books, watched videos. I've had the opportunity to demo a few times and have even had folks ask "can you show me how to do that?". I take it as an honor if someone asks this of me. I'll show them, let them try it, and point out it's practice and finding what works for you. Some think its great and seek greater experience. Some decide that it's not for them. But you provided the opportunity to ignite the spark.


For the original post, it sounds like you and the group you are with are doing a great thing that is likely to lead to some new, fantastic potters.


Good Luck.

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