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When Firing A Converted Propane Kiln Should I Use A Pyrometer?

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I am converting an electric kiln to a propane kiln for school. i am fairly new at this whole topic and my teacher dosen't have much experience either. what i was wondering is do i need a pyrometer? and if so what is the best brand? Also how big of a propane tank did you use? any suggestions or advice would help and be greatly appreciated.

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You will need a safe burner system if you are in a school. Talk with Mark Ward at Ward Burners. He can tell you what size tank you need for the burner to work on what ever size kiln you are working with.
There are some good articles about this floating around out there. Do a little digging.You will most likely need a hood maybe with a chimney depending on several issues.

I would use cones because they better indicate the heat work if they are not " freezing".

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