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hi, i have an amazing piece of Gambome pottery and love it. i've had it for about 10 years but i must find a new home/owner for it.


i'm looking for assistance determining if it is a Guido or Bruno creation?  also, how can i establish the value of this piece?  the approximate measurements are: 7¾"h x 18½"dia.  i've included a link to photos on my Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l9nsm4k3y7ugv0f/xIzyFLhAq9


i did find a very similar piece valued at 3,500 € on the Bruno Gambone website; http://www.brunogambone.it/eng/opere-dettagli.asp?ID=460

but they only seem interested in selling their own inventory. 



thank you very much for your time and i eagerly look forward to hearing from you.  i can be reached at jovannib@gmail.com, fxstudio@fuzefx.com or by phone at 330.766.0450


john w. bezusko


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