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Chris Campbell

Time To Set Your Goals For 2014!

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ChenowethArts    461

The first quarter of 2014 ends tomorrow and I am looking back on some of this year's goals to check my focus...I have to report that I am making progress "saying no", but I have to confess that I'll need the next three quarters of the year to make a dent in this year's goals.  At the moment, I have to give myself a "C+"...much work to do ahead!


How are you doing on your 2014 Goals?  What does your 1st quarter report card look like?



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Stellaria    35

I wasn't here in January, so I'll list mine now. I think I'm well on my way.


1. Fire my electric kiln confidently and on my own

2. Repeat throw to a gauge with consistent form

3. Find 4 new glaze combinations that I love

4. Make plates that are consistent and not ugly

5. Learn to throw large mixing bowls

6. Get a good handle on using body weight and leverage to center, and get my wheel set up for more ergonomic throwing

7. Get more experience with throwing lidded jars and pots


The kiln is set up and ready to test. Psyching myself up to do that.


I'm getting better at the repeat throwing, but haven't added the gauge into the mix. I'm afraid of messing something up :P


No progress on the new glaze combos. May have to order some of my own glazes for that to happen.


Plates are my April goal.


I took measurements for a proper-height throwing stool this morning, and need to work with my Dad to get it made. Might try raising my wheel up to throw standing in the meantime.


I threw a few yoyo pots and a flat-lidded pot with a gallery. Need to do a LOT more. And work larger.


The big mixing bowls will have to wait a bit. But they will get done eventually, because I have to know how to throw big bowls to get to my next year's goal - historic replicas. I want to be able to throw a roman clibanus (cloche oven) and functionally sized Iron Age style jars, cooking pots, and bowls.

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Chris Campbell    1,088

Hmmmm .... Ist Quarter Report Card?? ..... tricky move there Paul.


Is there any way to call failing spectacularly in my exploration of layered forms 'forward progress'?

How about being totally distracted by the possibility of developing a Cone 04 Porcelain?

Yes, Cone 04 and translucent ... saw it and touched it at NCECA and might be headed down that rabbit hole.

Tried luring Marcia down it too for her pit firings, but she is resisting.


I would grade that semester as an "A" but from the outside it might look like an "F".


Also, as a side note to those who are trying to develop the ability to say "NO" ...

I would like to mention that the most effective way to do this is to just say "Sorry, no" and never give an explanation.

Explanations lead to discussions as to why your excuse cannot be overcome. More time wasted.

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JBaymore    1,432

Is there any way to call failing spectacularly in my exploration of layered forms 'forward progress'?


Yes, you've eliminated possibilities that won't work. ;)





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Six months down. Wow. How are we doing? I've done well with some, not so well with others. But there's still another 6 months to go. Outside of the goals I established in January, I was invited to guest on "The Potters Cast" podcast. Episode 10 if anyone is interested.


Thanks for the promt Chris! I have a lot of ideas and plans rushing through my head, and taking some time to focus on what's most important and most reasonable is a great way to start the year. My list:


- Learn about decals - how to print them, how to apply them

* I done a few decal firings over the last month with results I'm very happy with. And as a corollary benefit, I've become much more fluent in Photoshop.


- Teach what I've learned in 2013 about silkscreen transfers

* I have taught two formal one-day silkscreen transfer workshops and have a three day class beginning in a few weeks.


- Have better posture at the wheel

* I haven't been to the chiropractor all year, so I'll take that as a good sign.


- Fire the wood kiln twice (spring and fall)

* Spring has come and gone with no firing. But I am firing on July 26 and September 5. So two scheduled, just on a different timeline.


- Participate in at least 6 weekend shows throughout New England

* I've done Dedham Open Studios (Dedham, MA - May), Hudson River Exchange (Hudson, NY - June) and 5 Corners Farmers' Market (Essex Junction, VT - ongoing). I'm scheduled for Newfane Heritage Festival (Newfane, VT - October) and Burlington City Arts Holiday Artist Market (Burlington, VT - December). And I have a handful of applications I'm waiting to hear back about.


- Launch (relaunch, really) my Etsy shop by January 31 and keep it stocked throughout the year

* Fail. Maybe by Cyber Monday.


- Keep my current galleries stocked and happy

* On track.


- Establish relationships with 2 more galleries (ideally one in Vermont and one in Massachusetts)

* Next week I'll be stocking work at the Bridge Street Emporium in Waitsfield, VT. Still putting feelers out in Massachusetts.


- Submit to a few nationally juried exhibitions - LUX Mugshots, Slipe Gallery Drink!, Baltimore Clayworks Shake it Baby!

* Rejected From Slipe Gallery "DRINK!" Dropped the ball on applying to Lux. Decided not to make salt and pepper shakers for BCW. I need to get back on track in this department. Anyone know of upcoming call for entries?

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My goal is to be able to throw with anywhere near the no nonsense approach of my favourite youtuber. http://www.youtube.com/user/youdanxxx he gives me a lot of inspiration.


My other goal is to keep my income from pottery going in the right direction. I am not making any actual profits yet after being in the studio for a year but I can dream ^_^


My last goal but most important is to get my kiln back up and running as it has now been broken for a month! I think the replacement wire has just been lost in the Christmas post :(



My throwing has improved a lot so I am happy with that.

Still making no money from pots so failing badly on that goal, need to try harder.

Let's not mention the kiln  :rolleyes: although hopefully by Monday it will be fixed!


Where can we find these podcasts Chris?

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Stellaria    35

No progress since March - I got a job that's fairly physically exhausting, and my studio time went right out the window.


I have found one new glaze combo that I love, though.

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High Bridge,

Check the podcast out in the iTunes Store (free) by searching The Potters Cast, or by going directly to the source at www.ThePottersCast.com. Paul Blais is the host and has been doing a great job with this new program. I was really thrilled and honored to be invited to guest.



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