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Do I Need To Pre- Fire New Kiln Shelves?

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I vaguely remember reading that new shelves should be fired alone before firing with wares to ensure they are in good shape, but it was a while back and I could be totally off. I think it was because if the shelve are defective it would ruin a load of wares. I understand the thinking around pre-firing kiln wash, but is firing the shelves necessary or overkill?


Thank you.


Julia Paul

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It makes sense to pre-fire new kiln shelves, if only to detect haircracks from handling. I always put kiln wash on new shelves and fire them to the temp that's written on the kiln wash wrapping. I fire in an electric kiln.

I would recommend to apply kiln wash too, jpclay, and pre-fire them. If you work with glaze later on, maybe you will be happy to have put kiln wash on the shelves beforehand....



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