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$$#x%!&(* Caught The Flu And Let My Bowls Dry Before Trimming!

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UPDATE: I was able to trim foot and outside of bowls by placing them on a carpet pad glued to a batt, and misting the area that needed trimming. I used a spray bottle and dialed it to the finest mist possible. I sprayed, waited a short while (less than a minute) and trimmed. When I trimmed off the moist clay and needed to trim more, I just misted the area again. I was afraid that the uneven moisture in the pot would crack or warp it, but it didn't. I wanted to try the damp box thing, but I was on a time line and had to get this done in a hurry. Some times you just get lucky!


                                                                          Thanks for all the tips!  ja

ps. If you didn't know, the carpet pad thing keeps you from having to attach your pot to the wheel head with wads of clay. The pad keeps the pot from sliding off the wheel head. You simply apply down pressure with one hand while trimming with the other. Probably won't work in every case, but it did on the small bowls I was trimming. j

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