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Adventures In Glaze Mixing

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so today i decided to finally jump in and mix my first (almost) now full +  5 gal bucket of glaze

I was making smaller quantities and using a hand held mixer.  Making 5 gal with paint mixer different story!


its a variation on the cherry shino by john britt aslo posted in cad 33 tried and true.....


lesson 1

pay attention to what your measuring.    i mistakenly measured out one dry ingredient for another.   not a losss... had enough ingredients on hand to make larger batch.   so my 7500 gm batch is now a 13200 gm batch


lesson 2

soda ash makes rocks if not mixed immediately makes rocks  (guess I’m slaking).

Internet search in hindsight reveals mix soda ash in water quantity mix well immediately strain/seive and repeat if necessary.  I think ill use smaller quant of water and mix with high speed hand mixer  (blunge if you will) next time


Lesson 3

A clean pickle bucket is never really clean. So being frugal I got free to $2 pickle buckets for dry storage and glaze mixing,   these have been outside catching rain water, drained, sun dried multiple cycles.  I think they are still a bit acid inspite.  The soda ash bubbled a bit when making glaze.

?did I screw up glaze?

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If you strain out the soda ash , heat a small amt of water(maybe 1/2 cup) to dissolve the soda ash, not a big prob. Yea bubbles and soda ash from mixing. We all have flipped numbers from time to time, Welcome to the bucket brigade. :)


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