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Getting The Word Out There

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I slap mine in newspaper and an old Safeway bag. For bigger items like teapots, people get two full sheets of newspaper, for mugs you get a half sheet of newspaper. I have hardly any plastic bags anymore as we try not to bring them home from the store. Lots of people bring a re-usable cloth bag to the sale.

Its about the pot, not about the package. I am selling from my studio, maybe I would get unprinted newsprint if I was in a four day sale.

Remember to reduce,re-use, and walk softly on the back of Mother Earth.


I have a small comment here. :rolleyes:


It's OK to be "earth friendly" and use newspapers etc. ... but I cringe at the "slap mine and stuff it in an old Safeway bag".

You can do earth friendly with a bit of style that makes you memorable.

First, you don't slap them into newspaper, but fold the paper properly, make it neat and tie with twine or cord.

Add a card with all of your contact info printed on re-cycled paper.

Close that Safeway bag in an attractive manner ... with a twine bow if it has handles or a bit of tape or sticker if it doesn't.

Just because you are using re-cycled materials does not mean it has to look used or recycled.





Holy crow!

I talked to my buddy Steve where I fire my work. He was also in this studio crawl this weekend. He uses a roll of unprinted newprint for wrapping and a Safeway bag. The co-operative gallery where 11 potters sell their work [which he is involved with,as a member] use newsprint and boxes of different sizes. But at Christmas and during their sales, no one has time to do all that fancy stuff. You get your purchase in a bag after it is wrapped in unprinted newsprint. At their studio sales, people are lined up around the block like at a movie premiere. They have have been doing it a long time, and I have never seen a wooden box or a souvenire tile. People are there for the pots, not the packaging.




I am glad this works for these potters, but I think that I will use every advantage I can get!! And I want to know where these people lined up for the pots are!? We have lots of good potters where I live, and none of them have anyone lined up to buy anything. They really, really push hard to make sales and make a living at this. I know they would be green with envy having people lined up around the block to buy their stuff. Where is this??? I'm going to spread the word! :)


Honestly, if you are successful with a plastic grocery bag, and you obviously are, that is great. I think I will need more branding, as I am newer to this. I don't have a reputation, I don't have repeat customers. I do have some marketing savvy and am getting better and better at making pottery. But I am definitely going to need to push the marketing. 




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