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Fettling Cast Mugs

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I've got three different mug moulds:


A commercial one, a home made one, both with handles, and a home made drop-mould without a handle.


When it comes to fettling the rim, the two with handles give me problems.  No matter how I trim the slip from the pouring spare, I'm left with an ugly edge.


With the drop mould I either trim level with the top of the mould, or when it's firmed up a bit, I use a scalpel in a height-adjustable stand to score a new edge and keep going until it's cut all the way through/round, then round off the flat edge with a sponge.


With the other two I spend much more time getting the edge level, same thickness all the way round and nicely rounded off.


If anyone has any tips I'd love to hear from you.

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Use a double ended mold tool in the mold-

They are simi hard and will not cut into plaster-then refine with a sharper tool.

I'm to busy to post a photo this week of tool but any mold supply outlet sells them.

They are white in color


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Thanks bciske, showed the pic to the other half....  he said "I've got a set of those in the garage" (wood-work-shop), I said "ooh.." he said "NO".  Now saving up for some.


Thanks Mark, I've got one of those, called a loosey-tool (lucy-tool), but it's what gets left after I've cut that bothers me.  I'll take some photos tomorrow of the problem...

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