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Kiln Flue Gas Analysis

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Guest JBaymore

There was an article years ago in Ceramics Technical, I think. Maybe it was CM .... but I don;t think so. Do some searching. It can be done.





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I built a system like that for a gas kiln,

but the results were not very good because the sensor was situated in the kiln flue and the flames made the readings fluctuate a lot.

Also the common (cheaper) variety of sensors are very non-linear - i.e. they are designed to go from hard-on to hard-off, and you do not get much in-between. So the accuracy of your readings suffer.

I still want to improve on this but I am too busy with other things at the moment.

The newer "wideband" type of sensors are accurate and give a more linear output put the electronics to build one is more complex and if you buy a ready-built one (for cars) they are quite expensive (for someone like me).

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