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Shimpo Pugmill Question

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Hello everyone,


I have a few technical question about my de-airing Shimpo pugmill NVA-04S.  Right near the pressure valve, there is a little cylindrical glass container which used to be empty and after a few months of using the machine, it is now completely filled with porcelain.  Could anyone please tell me how I could clean this little glass container and what it is for exactly? 


My other question is about the oil.  The can of oil that came with the machine when I bought it this summer is now finished.  Could you please tell me what kind of oil I can use?


Thank you very much!

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One of my previous classrooms had a Bluebird pugmill, that had a clear section, where the de-airing was done.  I never had an issue with it filling with clay.  I had easy access though, as the clear cover could be picked right up, when the pump wasn't running.  It was just held on with suction, during operation. 


In terms of oil, I won't say for absolute certainty, because I'm no pugmill expert, but most basic machines like a pugmill just require some machine oil, that any hardware store, and some convenience stores, carry.

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