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Just looked at photo - so clearly not sandpaper. I'd need to look at the DIY shop to see if we have an equivalent, but seems like a lot of effort unless you have a very particular profile that a bought item doesn't match. But much cheaper I guess, if you do a lot of sanding which would blunt a tool?

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As a fellow UK resident. Sold among the sandpapers for abrading plasterboard. I used to get it

from B&Q, but they seem to have stopped selling it. Probably still in some big DIY stores and

builders merchants. If not www.ebay.co.uk advertise rolls of the stuff


A major strrength is its resistance to clogging.

Regards, Peter

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I sometimes use  *Sanding Screen* very gently on greenware, for bisque I use an 80 grit  *Aluminium Oxide paper*.  


Coming from a woodworking background I've had enough sanding,  :D   so I keep it to a minimum, just little lumps and bumps I've missed before bisqueing.

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