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clay lover

Repairing Plaster Molds?

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I just broke an old mold that I really like. Is there a good way to repair it? It is a clean break. the top half broke cleanly into 2 pieces, right across the center of the form. This is an OLD mold intended for pouring slip into, to made a 3D little animal. I have been putting super soft clay in it and pushing the 2 pieces together, the sloppy clay sqoozes out of the form to the over flow spots, then I open the mold and clean the edges of the piece. I was thinking about making a frame that would hold the 2 halves together. Any suggestions? Will plaster glue old plaster together?

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Just remember that every time you cast a piece and make a mold from that piece the item shrinks some ( gets smaller)

You can shrink any object down to tiny this way

I have used wood glues which are waterproof- tightbond two or tightbond 3 work as well-just be careful about overflow


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