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Errors Uploading Images To Gallery

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Usability of this galley is so bad that I can not even find words to describe it.


Seriously annoying "features" :

1) Uploading images one by one - seriously? Are we still in 1999?

2) Sorting/grouping images - this is a joke! Allow dragging of images to any order gallery owner likes.

3) Gallery owner can not add comments without admin approval - LOL! Why? Spam?

4) If you click on the to view it (magnifying glass thingy), it opens up a new image but there is no way to move to next image. I have to start over.


Important features

5) resize (single or batch) - most people have no idea how to resize their huge images. This is a must feature and is really easy to implement (There are fee and open source libraries available for every platform out there Java, PHP, .vomit-Net etc)

6) multiple file upload - seriously :)


I have no idea why you guys have wasted time and money reinventing a wheel. Use open source image gallery software that can be integrated to your forum software. Oops, you guys are on IP board.. OK, never mind. Good luck.

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