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Coloured Slips And Underglaze?

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Yes. I have done this. Bear in mind that adding these colors to a white slip will lighten them. Test first to make sure the colors are right and that the two formulas interact well before using on a good piece. Underglazes have ingredients in them that keep them wet and spreadable longer so this can cause issues.

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if you have access to the actual mason stain used in the underglaze, you can make a colored slip.  just make your white slip in dry form and add 10% stain to this before mixing in water, then sieve well.


my go-to white slip recipe is equal parts (25% each) Silica, EPK, OM#4, and Custer Feldspar.  Very versatile white slip recipe that can be used from earthenware up to stoneware temps.


to make your own underglaze, use equal parts (33% each) Clay, Flux, and Colorant -- usually I'll do either EPK or Ball clay, Gerstley Borate or a frit like 3124/3134, then the colorant (oxides or mason stain).  usually i'll use CMC solution as the water for UG.

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