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Kiln Loading Question

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I loaded my kiln today for a glaze fire (it's a small top loading electric kiln - (18" dia X 18 " high int.), I hadn't really realised before I started loading but everything I was firing was very shallow, no tall stuff at all,  I ran out of shelves (4) before I ran out of room in the kiln.



Usually i'm fiddling and faffing to get it all in and it looked a bit strange with 6 or 7 inches of spare space above the last pieces, so, I removed the top two shelves and used longer posts just to give everything more room (in height terms anyway).


Was I wasting my time?  Will it make any noticeable difference to anything?



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This is a case, where sectional kilns make a lot of sense. I have 4 sections to my old L&L that I used to use all the time.  Now that I don't complete as many pieces one section is sitting idle in the studio. When I have a small bisque load-that equals a medium glaze, I take one section off even now.  When making larger pieces, I try to balance out by adding smaller pieces to the production so that I can pack around.  After all, one 40" by 20" Jar really wasted kiln space especially at the bottom where the base may be only 8". The tighter the pack, the more even the firing as everyone has stated.

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