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Shimpo Rk-3E Without Bat Pin Holes - Please Help Me

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1 hour ago, hantremmer said:

Batmate arrived.   I used it with 8" square MDF bats, thin ones.  I was able to cone soft clay without issue, but on two separate pots something shifted as I was knuckling up.  Not sure if it was the batmate or the bats.  I can tell its got potential, but I might need to learn how to use it.

Most of my wood batts are MDF 5/8" thick, couple thoughts come to mind. The Batmate might be a bit too damp and / or wondering if your batts are new? Don't know if there could be some kind of finish on the MDF?

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Thanks Min.  I'll try experimenting with how wet the batmate is.  I say 'batts' but I really use them as MDF tiles to move pots into storage.  That means they haven't had wear and tear, or roughing up, as a normal batt might.  Maybe that will help.  I'll keep coning and throwing to see what happens.

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