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Envirovent 2 Replacement Motor

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If you want the exact motor order it from skutt kilns and pay the mark up

If you want a cheaper but same motor order from-one of below links as it looks like its the exact same motor

heres what skutt says- on the web-


The new 140 CFM Motor allows you to vent 2 kilns up to 12 Cubic Feet each, or one kiln between 12 and 24 Cubic Feet, with one Envirovent 2 Motor.

Skutts spec sheet says-(Blower: 140 cfm)

The 140 CFM is whats important


Heres one at graigers thats 140 cubic feet
Heres one at amazon
that is 140 cubic feet
Take your pick as they both will work
Amazon has a better return policy and is more user friendly but I have dealt with graingers for 40 years as well.
A vent is a vent is a vent-the hose hooks up to the side and motor blows air outside-make sure its 140 cfm and all will be well
You can order the exact same motor from the info plate on your dead motor from Graingers as well.

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Yes, I'm all over the RPM, CFM and other specs. The mounting flange was my main concern, hoping for an easy transition. I'll bite the bullet and rig, if necessary. I don't begrudge Skutt for marking up; however, $65ish markup feels excessive on a $95ish (retail) motor.  Mark, thank you for your thorough response! You too neilestrick!



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