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Shimpo Wheels @auction ?

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There is a Robert Brent kickwheel on there. #987019. They retail for $1200.00

There is a Randal wheel-missing the tractor seat and the table-983760. Worth a least $800.00. Two great kick wheels.

Good price on the Shimpos. I don't personally like them as students are constantly throwing them in reverse.


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JB: I have a Harbor Freight: unfortunately they don't offer them anymore.  (too bad as they were only about $250)

They do  run: pretty weak torque so only good for smaller things: maybe center 20 lbs on it if you were gentle with the friction: I had mine outside under a tarp for my summer studio.

Built in splash pan style. 

It is vari-speed motor, i.e. power goes through the pedal so when you rock your foot back to off it the motor is off: so at slow speeds it is really, really quiet.

I love it on a sunny afternoon, making small things quietly and peacefully.

Worth every penny if you find one for $50/$75 or so.


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