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Adding Texture To Clay

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When I think of stamped or impressed decoration, I express it as pattern. I have used a variety of materials to create patterns that include clay/wood/metal stamps many times hand made or carved by myself. Other materials I use for patterns include lace, floor mats, table mats, buttons, machine parts(gears, pulleys etc.), pieces of typewriters, adding machines, computer printers, and old printing presses. I use commercial materials from cake decorating tools, fimo clay tools, and a variety of artist brushes and tools. Nothing is sacred when it comes to creating regular or irregular patterns in the clay. As far as adding texture, I have rolled puts in hay chaff, uncooked rice, wheat, or oatmeal, even added oatmeal and wheat to my throwing bodies to see what happened there. I have carved a series of paddles used by the HS students that would add great varied patterns to the coil pottery and to some of the slab work.


Lately I have been exploring the creation of wooden frames with modelling paste texture/pattern inside carving through this with a dremel tool and then rolling the slabs into the frame for complete side walls of slab pots to be used in combination with thrown feet, necks and lids. It is a slow process, and one that takes a lot of work to make just one piece, so I am trying to do multiples or find ways of making the forms more adjustable.

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