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Need Help In Houston Tx?

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I was wondering if anyone needs help in their studio on the weekends around houston texas.  Heres the story,  I am a laboratory manager for refinery and I just moved here from california. I used to have a wheel and kiln but I had to leave it behind.  I have hashimoto's disease and stress takes its toll on me.  Pottery really calms me down.  So I am looking to help out in any way I can and learn more about pottery/ceramics while doing it.  


I work with a young group of chemical engineers and they always want to go out late and drink 24/7 on the weekends, because of my condition I really can't do that anymore so I need something productive to do.  I don't want pay I just want to help out in any way I can. Heavy lifting, wedging clay, loading a kiln whatever just put me to work.  I am also thinking about taking classes to get back into it pottery.


Don't know if this is in the wrong section mods please move it if necessary thanks,

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Another option could be clay teaching centers in the area where you can get a studio card and work on your clay whenever a class is not in session. Usually you have to take an introductory class to get familiar with studio procedures first. Often you will find there is a good core group of regulars and lots of available times to work. The city's Parks and Recreation Dept might have classes and studio time too. Good luck in your hunt.

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