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Ginny C

How To Use Some Ocre Rouge

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Ginny C    5

My son sent me a 150 ml jar of "Ocre Rouge" (red ochre) from southern France, where it is dug right from the cliff he's sitting on in a photo he sent. Red to orange to yellow rock with his matching yellow shorts!

So, how should I use this in my studio? I do not make my own glazes, but I assume I could use some of this powder to color some of my white B-Mix cone 5 clay or use it as a wash over bisqued clay. It doesn't look like typical red iron oxide, but I know it is some version of iron oxide. Anyone familiar with this? Ideas?


The slip of paper that came with it mentions using it in ceramics, among other things, but there are no details there or on the company website.


Thanks for any suggestions!

Ginny C.


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oldlady    1,323

try a small amount in some of the clay slurry that happens when you throw.  (assuming that you are a thrower) ds then brush it onto a sample of your clay(s) and fire.  it might be a gorgeous color just like that.


if you are not a thrower, mix some of the powder into bits of dried out clay left over from hand building.  add water and maybe magic will happen.

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