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Maybe you already know this statement of Eva Zeisel, maybe not. I just discovered the video and I was blown away! So much to learn from a humble but Grand Lady of Ceramics.


The video is 18 minutes long but I recommend to take the time to listen to every minute she speaks. It's worth it! Imagine: she was 94 when she gave that statement on TED. She died at the age of 105, 2 years ago....


Although the translations and the title of the video are in German: don't leave the site. Eva speaks English throughout the talk. Enjoy.





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Marcia: I didn't know that part of Eva Zeisel's life too. And despite such bad experience: she is so lovely and... lively.


oldlady: there is an exhibition near Munich this year to honor her and her work.


Matt: seems that what we all do, creating ceramics work, staying curious and living with the beauty of art keeps us long-living....


I'am happy you like the video.



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Additional Information:


I got a very nice email from Jean Richards, daughter of Eva Zeisel, telling me a few more informations:




Three  more bits of  information, in case you are interested.  The exhibit is in Weiden, north of Munich/Germany, at the International ceramic museum, part of die neue sammlung.  It is on till the end of september. The Berlin exhibit has closed.  However it only deals with her early work in Germany.  A new book is coming out soon which shows almost all her work.  It's called: eva zeisel, life, design, beauty, (chronicle publishers) and can be ordered on amazon.  Actually, since you are a professional, you might prefer eva zeisel on design (overlook press).  It's based on her lectures and teaching.  If you or anyone is interested in her fascinating memoir about her time in prison and working in Russia, there's an  ebook, which can be gotten for ipad or kindle  at http://evazeiselmemoir.com/




I hope this informations are as interesting to you as they are for me. I think I will drive to Weiden some day in September....



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Studied some of Eva Zeisel's work close up at university where my lecturer had 6 pieces. Just fantastic shapes!...clean lines, organic, feminine...


Was told that in the last few years of her life Eva designed by touch since her eyesight had failed. She modeled the forms from lumps of clay and design technicians realised them for her.  Tried to emulate a couple of her forms as part of a design project but they were poor copies indeed.


Eva and Beatrice living to be 105?..........and I was told ceramic chemicals were BAD for us!!


Great video Evelyne



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