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Hi I Need to buy a new kiln, and i was offer to install an orton vent master. Is it a good thing, what will be the advantages? or disadvantages? 


Right now i have a bathroom fan installed with a huge round ducking over the kiln.


Will the colors of glazes change?







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Installing the orton vent master, or any in-kiln venting system will make your elements last longer and the bricks last longer, since it pulls the nasties ( sulfur, chlorine, etc ) right out of the kiln before they have a chance to degrade anything. It will also help reduce pin holing in your glazes. A very good idea to Install. I won't run my kilns without direct ventilation.


The ventilation that you have only helps meet toxic gasses out of your kiln room and helps remove some excess heat, it does not help to improve the internal kiln atmosphere.


Install it, you won't regret it.

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