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How To Minimize Cracking In Repeat Firings

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Benzine    609


After all these stories about never-drying-pots and saturated with water soil, Nevada seems to be a perfect place for potters.

Humidity is next to zero here. Takes 2 days to get the pot completely dry on a shelf and 4 days if it is covered with a plastic wrap.


Same with Colorado. I was constantly covering pots with plastic and spraying them with water to keep them from drying too fast. The Colorado Potters Guild had a drying room where they hung wet beach towels and ran a humidifier to keep the humidity high.





I think the weather here is great for clay work. It's not too humid and not too dry, minus the winter of course.


Mark, nice avatar! Real f******* nice!



I wondered when you would say something about that?

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