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Flashing Slip For Wood Fire

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i have the opportunity to get some pieces wood fired in september.


i have made a few pieces with highwater helios. 


so i was i made a few (test) pieces with laugana 900 with added grit then at leather hard or softer coated with porcelain slip made with helios and water.


as a flashing slip its a bit of a cheat but its what i have on hand right now.


i also have some higwater moon white trimmings soaking to be a flashing slip


am i way out of line with my thinking here?

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I hope you're not puting that stuff on a lot of pots. Test first. You may have a great flashing slip and all will be wonderful but I doubt it. They usually do more harm than good unless you are familiar with them and if it's a good wood firing and a good clay you don't need a flashing slip. Also, put some neph sy in your concoctions. Here are a few I have but  never use:


Basic Flashing Slip

Neph Sy ... 30

Kaolin ... 70


Johnston Flashing Slip

Avery or other Kaolin ... 50

Neph Sy ... 50


Flashing Slip #3

Neph Sy ... 35.4

Helmar Kaolin ... 39.8

Alumina Hydrate ... 4.4

Titanium Dioxide ... 2.7

Soda Ash ... 17.7


Helmar Flashing Slip

Helmar Kaolin ... 50

EPK ... 20

Neph Sy ... 20

Silica ... 10



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i only did one piece.....  thanks, jim ....


the first 2 are easy enough


with the rarity of having access to wood fire  it could months between tests.....  (patience .......patience....)


im also thinking the clay and the slip will have different shrinkage.....


ill save the slips for hakeme and other electric musings

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Most porcelains will just flux out shiny white if they get any decent amount of vapor and/or ash. They're way too high in silica. A.R.T.'s porcelain is an exception, because it is not pure white. Goes slightly gray in reduction, but has just enough impurities to flash well in wood. If you don't have the ingredients in the list above, a simple slip of 80% EPK 20% Nephy Sye can do a decent job.

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