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I Want To Purchase A Kintsukuroi Piece

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Greetings all,

I am not an artist, but happened across a beautiful photo of a ceramic bowl that had been repaired with gold. The photo also described the meaning behind Kintsukuroi...that repairing the broken piece with gold creates a new thing that is rare and beautiful in its own right. The spiritual connotation of this could not have greater meaning in my life right now...and so I have been trying to find where I might buy such a piece. I have struck out completely so far, but stumbled upon this forum and thought/hoped you artists might be able to help. If a source where pre-made Kintsukuroi can be bought does not exist...then I am willing to commission a piece as well. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer! RJ Scott (rjscott0914@aol.com)

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to be broken..... fixed.... made whole again with more beauty and stregnth


It will be a hard find.

Its usually a valuable piece to start with... To be worthy of repair, and even more valuable repaired.

I hope this not a site violation

But check here


Also check with gallery's that show tea ware.... There are a few chajin (tea ware makers) here that may be able to help

If this fails contact me.....



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Guest JBaymore

Hi from Japan.


You might try Dick Lehman in the USA  Google search....... I'm not at home to get his address for you..  He uses that technique.  I do too sometimes..... but nothing available right now.  They are somewhat expensive.


The key source for the use of this kind of repair is here in Japan.  However from here you are typically looking at very high price works.  Usually STARTING in the multiple thousands of dollar range.


If you are serious about this and can afford such works..... contact Robert Yellin in Kyoto (e-yakimono.net). 





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