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Lisa Orr workshop from July 29 to August 12 at Touchstone

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July 29–August 2 at Touchstone Center for Crafts

Soft Serendipitous Ceramics

Instructor: Lisa Orr

All Levels | $500

Weeklong Workshop


This workshop will focus on complex layering of textures and slips to create low-fire glazes as rich as a gemstone. Both functional wares and small-scale sculptural pieces will be demonstrated. Initially, students will be introduced to low relief texture sprigging, stamping, and soft forming techniques. Students will view examples by slides and demonstration, after which they will make their own. Next, students will learn how nichrome wire can be used for attaching smaller moving parts. Color layering will be emphasized by use of engobes under transparent low-fire glazes. Pieces will be fired in electric kilns, and everyone will take home finished works.



Lisa Orr has been a professional potter and student of ceramics for 23 years. She completed her MFA at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1992, and later received grants, including a Fulbright and a Mid-America Arts Alliance/NEA. In addition to running and maintaining her full-time studio, she teaches, lectures, and shows her work nationally. Lisa’s artworks for the table often refer to traditional porcelain or dinner whitewares, but with softer forms inspired by the playful and abundant qualities of Mexican earthenware. Her pottery is imbued with the nuances of a healthy garden, and is intended as artwork designed to complement and enhance beautiful meals. Lisa has evolved and invented her own production process from studying clay mold fragments in museums and antiquated ceramics factories. After hand-forming pieces in molds, on the wheel, or both, she finishes with stamps, slips, sprigs, and multi-hued glazes. She loves experimenting in the studio and sharing her discoveries and experience with


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