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Marcia Selsor

Potters Council Tuscany III

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I have had a hard time posting jpgs from my iPad. So far we have visited Florence and the Uffizi and Bargello which is the sculpture museum.


This photo is Sculpture by Carlo Zauli at the Faenza Train station as you enter the city.

visited many studios, the International Ceramics Museum with its historical collections and the current 58th Biennale Faenza International competition.

yesterday was a day trip to the Unesco World Heritage site of Mosaics in Ravenna, the last capital city of the Roman Empire.

See all posts on Potters Council Facebook Page.

Today we move to Certaldo and La Meridiana for the hands on part of the trip...Raku Dolce.

Ciao for now.



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Terra sig preparations, firing variations and tests during our workshop at La Meridiana.


See pictures of the workshop, wood kiln and where we are staying on the Potters council Facebook page.



Today we will fire our pieces. Posting is a little difficult but will try.




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