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Mark C.

Delivering Pottery in Style

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Last weekend I finally gathered up a 45-box gallery order for my outlet in the tourist town of Mendocino on the ocean in northern California.


It's about a three and a half hour drive one-way.


I make a huge deposit of work there every late spring.


This year I decided to add some fun to the trip and asked a friend to go abalone diving as well. I took a few kayaks and after dropping off the pots we hit the water for some free-diving for snails.


The ocean was great with about 25-foot visibility and we quickly got our limit of three abs each.


Besides being done for a year with pots for this gallery I got to be in the ocean and bring home dinner.


Now all the work has been done and I just have to wait for the checks each month as it is a consignment outlet, which I have had for many years and requires much trust.








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Very envious. I've wanted to try abalone diving off Vancouver Island (where I sometimes sea kayak)...but my trips have generally coincided with a red tide...


I've tried it a couple times... luscious.


Have they recovered enough down there that you can find them easily enough?

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