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Is it possible

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Is it possible for one person do due this in one day?


Pour 300 molds, all pieces will be 8" or less.


Clean 300 pieces of greenware.



Fire 300 pieces of greenware.




In other words its it possible to produce 300 pieces of bisque in one day?

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The same 300 pieces . . . doubt the wares will be dry enough to fire the same day they are made.






I got that, Id be cleaning about 1 week old green ware and sticking it into the kiln.



There would have to be some sort of process developed and Id likley need 2 kilns.

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I partnered in a aroma therapy lamp Business for 12 years bvack in 94-1006 and that could be done if the setup was right-no problem.(our lamps fit under a 5 1/4 inch stilt which we had made special for us.)

The slip process needs and gas pump handle slip pumping system-and you need at laest 300 dry molds-if you had 900 molds you could do this every day.A fan blowing over the mold help speed dry them.

You will need drain tables to handle 300 molds and the pump back system-(we had three large tables with a porable pump setup.

I have a power sponger that makes short work of mold lines (500$) and a kiln that is large enough to handle 300.

We loaded ours full of slip ware without shelves for bisquing. We hired it out to one person except for the glazing and glaze firing which we did. Paid a lot of taxes and insurance money for one emplyee.

Ours was a cone 10 product so we then fired the glase fire in a car kiln reduction fire 500 at a time if I recall.

If the setup is right its should fly-your lunch time will be short.Insanity is soon to follow as with any slip operation of this scope. My best guess is after 15,000 you will be toast.

My sugestion is make sure you have a written contract before making any except the prototype. This is a KEY point.


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It's possible I suppose at 8" or smaller ... run a gang mold for pouring about 10 at once with 30 molds ... so hour for prepping slip and molds, hour to pour 30 molds, hour wait ... so trim other work while that happens, half hour to flip the molds to drain, hour wait upside down so trim other work again, pre trim your pour ring on molded work and demold pieces to set up over night ... 2 hours. finish trimming work, load your kiln of dry work for firing the next day ... couple more hours ... could probably do it in about 8 or 9 man hours if molds are made properly with a 3 or 4 day turn around from slip to in the kiln. so you do 4 days of bisque ware, one day of making slip, doing maint. and cleaning the studio and some possible catch up ... I could do it if I had a market for it. probably a week turn around for prototype production and mold making (prototype > mother mold > temp cast for gang mold > make gang molds) and probably dedicate production to be one week bisque, one week glaze with multiple kilns and mold dryers for fast turn around.


I mean ... I wouldn't want to do it ... but that is just me.

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