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What kind of domestic clay should I try?

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This forum has been a very big help. I'm working basically alone and it's so good to have a place to pick up some wisdom from those who have done the craft longer.


A rather accomplish potter that I know from another forum suggested that I might want to try some non-yixing clay since it's cheaper.


I'd like to do this but I don't know what to try-- the clay that they give you in pottery classes ay my community college would not be OK. Polymer-clay can't be used since it isn't food-safe, but it's closer in the way that it works to the yixing clay (though the yixing clay is much much less plastic.)




1. high fire

2. looks good in the buff

3. superior detail

4. "stiff" hard to explain... it's just stiff even when super saturated with water

5. will be kind to tea

6. can be burnished

7. rings like a bell when fired


anything like this or close? 5 out of 7 would be great!


For those who don't know from the other posts or general knowledge this is how the clay is worked:



(courtesy of ceramicartsdaily... god this site is so helpful!)

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If you are trying to master this unique skill then you should use the right clay.

Will you be happy with a teapot made from another clay body?

If you want to save money, don't fire the pots that do not meet your expectations. Re-use the clay.

I know, I am generally against re-cycling regular clay, but this about a learning process that needs to be done with a unique clay.

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