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I did a quick video today showing the progress so far, slower than I hoped but coming along.





Really good looking space, with wonderful pieces to fill it! Great job.



Thank you folks, yeah there's lots to do yet, I just bought a used lighted exit sign that I needed- on Ebay for $4.99, saved me about $70 over buying a new sign. I still need to find flooring yet for 900 sq ft.

I got the whole building for $12k



What a great price!

You must have some strong mounts in the wall, your pieces look heavy. That window offers nice lighting. Is your "work space" the back area behind the banister? Lovely! What a dream!

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This portion has newer linoleum flooring, so it worked out perfectly for my uses, it's not really my work area, but back there will be where I will have sculpture classes.


If you havent seen the front before and after, here it is:








- WOW- that's incredible! Thanks for sharing!




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