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Wondering how to do this brushwork

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bigDave    4

I contribute so rarely I forget how to reply. Sorry. Can you'all figure out where this reply is supposed to go?




Cheese whiz, metal and mud , you got my hopes up for more tips...


LAL...(Laugh a little)

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Alteredclay    1

My instructor at our local Community College uses brushes that are used for painting onto nails. You know, the nail art craze? She is a phenomenal artist but her lines are so--o thin and even. These brushes are embarrassing affordable .

Hola Folks,


Been Making bonsai pots for a decade. I make mostly unglazed, stoneware brown, electric fired stuff, I guess youd say utilitarian pots.


I have been admiring the very decorative porcelian pots coming out of Japan.


So I have been trying brushwork, on bisque. Looks like amateur hour. The best Ive done is in my avatar.





Any ideas as to how this work below is accomplished ?


And where do you get those amazing brushes that do such a fine line?





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Mossyrock    29

A friend and I just made a trip to Highwater Clay in Asheville, NC and she purchased a liner brush that has a reservoir to hold the colorant so it can do a lot before running out. Much more than just a liner brush. She does a lot of very fine-line decoration on her pieces. When she tried it out, she said it was the best brush she had ever used for this purpose. http://www.highwater...upright_145.jpg

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