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Is it ever OK to use a kiln without a ventilation system?

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I have a never been used but old kiln sitter type kiln and I wanted to use it in my garage. My garage is attached but there is an air tight door to the house. I didn't want to invest in a vent system yet because the kiln is old and I don't know if or how well it will work. I will leave the garage door open a bit for venting. Is this safe? Thank you, in advance, for your help!

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For initial testing..... that should be fine.


Make sure that in the garage there are not any cans of oil based paints and thinner and gasoline and such. That could be an issue.


Eventually you will want a vent .... it improves the quality of the wares,.....not only takes care if getting the noxious crap out of the space.






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