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Question for those who have 1/2 HP Brent Model C wheel

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assuming you're replacing a fried motor - why not call Brent and ask them the specs of the motor needed? seems like the easiest solution IMO.


i've got a dozen older Brent CXCs and none of them have a motor plate telling the specs of the motor. at least not one that i can find

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I called Brent before posting my message. As strange as it may sound, their technical support doesn't know what motors were used on their older units. I was going to buy a wheel and the motor on the photo the seller sent to me looked completely unsuitable. It was a 110V/1A one. A few hours ago, however, I got a call from a Brent rep., who discussed the issue with an old technician and confirmed that this motor brand was never used on any Brent units. The funniest part is that none of them was surprised by the fact that the motor was only 0.15HP, and the wheel is supposed to have 1/2HP of power. The old tech even suggested to go and try the wheel "because this motor may work just fine". Frankly, this is not even funny. This is scary.


P.S. When I confronted the seller with the issue, it became clear that the lady took a picture of the motor plate of...her fan instead of the wheel motor. Don't ask me why. :)

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