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Cone 6 Porcelain Slip Casting recipe

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I have been experimenting with slip casting white clay bodies and I can't seem to make a slip that will work the way I want it to. Does anyone have a good cone 6 porcelain slip recipe that they use? I would like one that does not crumble when you cut it, so I can alter the lips of the pieces and also carve on them. Also, it does not have to be extremely transparent since I will be glazing the objects.


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I'm looking for the same, but can't find anything that works at /\6 oxidation.

Have tried: 

grolleg        60

epk             60

flint             60

custer  feldspar 30

neph sye    30

bentonite     5



Fired at /\6-7 it remains porous.


Any help is appreciated.

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